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What is Monetize Experts?
Monetize Experts.com is a monetization platform, which brings a creative revenue generating opportunities for web developers and website owners. Utilising exclusive, worldwide partnerships and industry-leading experience, Monetize Experts offers a unique opportunity to increase your revenues and start earning more from Chrome extensions, Firefox addons, websites, blogs, installs and much more.
How does it work?
Run through a fast and easy integration process and receive an access to a market leading monetization solutions for Chrome extensions, Firefox addons, websites, blogs, installs. We'll make your inventory bring the revenues for you right after the installation.
What about Google's Single Purpose Policy?
We're doing our best to develop and provide only MS Compliance monetization methods for Chrome extensions, however this doesn't guarantees, that Google won't unpublish your extension. In this case, we'll help you to get back to Chrome Webstore again.
How can I get started as a Monetize Experts Publisher?
Join us here. Monetize Experts platform is free to use and you can get your script installed in minutes. Just follow the installation procedures after sign up.
How often Monetize Experts updates the revenue reports?
lWe're updating the revenues every 4 hours, however due to a numerous number of Advertisers, we're connecting you with, we have to request your reports from each of them separately. Sometimes it takes up to 72 hours to fully update the numbers, but most of the times you'll see 80% of the revenues in 48 hours.
How much can I earn?
You will join us on revenue share model and start with regular 70%. Contact your publisher success manager to set up a best performing monetizations for the type and geography of your traffic.
When do I get paid?
Regularly Monetize Experts pays publishers NET30, which means we pay you 30 days after commission event takes place. Keep on mind, that most of our offers are commission based, you are only paid on commissions, not clicks or impressions. Contact your publisher success manager to discuss an alternative payment terms.
How do I get paid?
You can choose from the following payment methods, provided by default:
Bank Wire
If none of these works for you, feel free to reach your publisher success manager to choose the payment method, which required.
How to contact Monetize Experts?
Use online chat or following details:
Email:support@Monetize Experts.com
Skype:iMonetize Experts